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14 Apr 2022 2 min read

Energy Management: cut the costs and energy consumption of your business

Managing energy consumption is a key issue for companies of all sectors and sizes. Find out how to improve the performance of your business or property.

The energy consumption of any company tends to be very high, especially if you produce something. Never more so than in these highly critical times, when we are paying so much attention to sustainability, has it been so important to ensure proper energy management to support the core business of an enterprise. Indeed, Energy Management is a key element for the efficiency of the company itself, which can generate considerable economic savings, and much more.


The corporate benefits of Energy Management

Increasing informed and efficient selection of energy resources brings numerous benefits to businesses. Benefits are not only financial, but also relate to the lifecycle of real estate assets.

Waste reduction and optimised consumption, combined with constant monitoring of system performance by using technology (IoT sensors, AI) allow intelligent management of the building. Management of production and work spaces can be streamlined, even using remote devices, to improve the comfort of the occupants.

Often all it takes is a small amount of care and attention to significantly reduce the environmental impact of your business and its operating costs. For example, correct consumption analysis and a targeted intervention on lighting fixtures can reduce your energy consumption by 30%.


The Fervo Group and Energy Management

We take care of your efficiency.

At Eco2zone, an E.s.Co. of the Fervo Group, we identify and implement energy efficiency solutions and interventions through Energy Management projects and services. We handle energy diagnostics and offer energy efficiency measures in Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), in addition to energy services which include the application of Building & Energy Management Systems (BEMS). 

We carry out real-time analysis and integrated management of your consumption data through the FEAMS® digital platform, identifying the best solutions to reduce waste and costs, while maintaining high quality and well-being standards for your employees.


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