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Economic and financial sector


We are ideally placed to offer you specialised advice, support and Facility and Energy Management services for your property, and we customise our offer according to your buildings and specific needs.

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The digitalisation of services and the introduction of smart working

In recent years, the economic and financial sector has seen a change to its relations with collaborators and customers, with the significant digitalisation of services and processes and a multi-channel sales strategy, even before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The introduction of smart working has certainly affected the permanent presence of collaborators in management offices and offices, consequently leading to redesign of the organisational layout of the spaces making them increasingly flexible and dynamic. 

Furthermore, the network of branches (banking and insurance, for example) has also changed in terms of format and models of service offered to customers, but also in terms of the number of people who pass through and work in the same environments and more exacting requirements with regard to liveability.

Let's work together to find the best solution for your offices.

The skilled and experienced collaborators of Fervo Group companies will take care of your property, making it clean, safe, sustainable and energy efficient and reducing their management costs. We redesign the layout of your offices to make them dynamic and to reinvent the experience of those who work there. We work with you to find the most innovative and sustainable solutions that best suit your needs, offering you specialised advice.

Installation and maintenance of systems

Our highly specialised technicians carry out the work in safe conditions and handle the administrative practices and documents of all your systems.

Maintenance of green areas

We perform maintenance of your green areas respecting the life cycle and seasonality of the plants, in order to increase the livability and quality of life of the people who use the areas.

Cleaning and sanitation

The cleanliness and sanitisation of a work environment and welcoming of customers are essential to guarantee the health and well-being of people who spend many hours in that environment during the day.

Digital advice

We reduce the total cost of ownership and energy consumption through a digital platform based on automation, sharing and centralisation of data.





We offer specialised advice and find the most innovative and sustainable solutions with you

Installation, running and maintenance

Design and maintenance of systems

Design and changing the layout of work environments

Technical support and document management

Availability 24/7

On-site technical inspections

Creation and maintenance of open and enclosed green areas


Energy diagnosis

Energy efficiency

Energy due diligence

And also

Room cleaning and sanitisation service

Reception and concierge

Rodent control and pest control

Waste management

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