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Success stories


We at the Fervo Group have acquired experience and specialised skills in various fields over the years thanks to the trust of our partners and the most significant projects we have worked on.

Eco2Air® and Open 336

The innovative Eco2air® filter technology transforms the Open 336 building into a breathing tree that can filter CO2 but with an even greater decarbonisation capacity, around eight times more than natural CO2.

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The Eco2Air® Tower in Brescia

The Eco2Air® Tower, our air purification tower capable of retaining CO2 and reducing PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter, gives Brescia a new look.

Near Zero Emission Building

The strategic partnership with one of our long-standing customers has turned into a technological revolution in the operation and maintenance of its facilities: towards zero-emission Facility and Energy Management.

Eco2Air® Tower

Merging technology, design and nature, the Eco2Air® Tower was born. Presented during Design Week 2021, the air purification tower is one of the most ambitious and representative projects of the Fervo Group.

A green roof that reduces CO2

In recent years, the issue of environmental sustainability has become central to people and companies. For this reason, the search for green building and sustainable architecture has increased considerably, also considering the liveability of unused spaces, such as roofs, and the creation of green spaces in urban contexts.

A garden to remember

We designed and created a garden for Alzheimer's patients in a nursing home. It is not just a green space designed as a relaxation area, but a useful tool to support and enhance medical treatment.

Come una ristrutturazione può diventare una svolta Green

La riduzione dell'impatto ambientale (emissioni di Co2) dello stabile è stata possibile grazie alla riduzione dei consumi energetici conseguenti alla ristrutturazione.

Quando il verde aiuta la cura delle persone

Un giardino disegnato sulle esigenze delle persone malate di Alzheimer, per supportarne il benessere e stimolarne a pieno tutti i sensi, garantendone la più totale sicurezza.

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