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Chemical-pharmaceutical sector


We actively collaborate with some operators in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector to offer Facility and Energy Management services tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

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The chemical-pharmaceutical sector, made up of operators who carry out very different activities, is focusing more than ever on the principles of sustainable development.

In addition to chemical production facilities and pharmaceutical plants, there are research laboratories in companies, universities and institutes, analysis laboratories, and chains of pharmacies and parapharmacies.

All the companies in the sector are strongly committed to guaranteeing the total safety of workers and communities and care for the environment. In particular, according to data obtained by Federchimica, energy efficiency has improved by 49% compared to 2000, already well beyond the target set by the EU for 2030.


We take care of all Facility and Energy Management services for indoor environments and the people who live in them, so that you can focus on your core business.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

After an initial analysis of the condition of the systems in your building, industrial premises or laboratory, we identify the measures that could enhance the efficiency of your site, reducing consumption and running costs and improving liveability.

Installation and maintenance of systems

We work with Fsi to take care of the installation, running and maintenance of all your systems (electrical, thermo-mechanical, lifting, fire-fighting, hydraulic), extending their life cycle.

Digital advice

We reduce the total cost of ownership and energy consumption through a digital platform based on automation, sharing and centralisation of data.

Maintenance of green areas

We perform maintenance of your green areas respecting the life cycle and seasonality of the plants, in order to increase the livability and quality of life of the people who use the areas.

Facility ed energy management 

Dopo una prima analisi degli asset impiantistici che compongono il tuo immobile, industria o negozio, individuiamo e consigliamo gli interventi migliorativi per rendere ancora più efficiente la tua sede, ottimizzando i consumi, riducendo i costi di gestione e migliorando l’esperienza di chi vive i tuoi spazi.

Consulenza digitale

Grazie all’utilizzo di FEAMS™, la nostra piattaforma digitale monitoriamo in tempo reale lo stato di salute dei tuoi impianti, intervenendo preventivamente in caso di segnalazioni o rischi di futuri malfunzionamenti.

Realizzazione e manutenzione di impianti

Con Fsi ci occupiamo della realizzazione, conduzione e manutenzione di tutti i tuoi impianti (elettrico, termomeccanico, di sollevamento, antincendio, idraulico) allungandone il ciclo di vita.

Asili nido Asili nido  
Scuole primarie Scuole primarie  
Scuole secondarie Scuole secondarie (Licei, istituti tecnici ecc)  
Università Università  
Centri di formazione professionale Centri di formazione professionale  




Fervo’s experts offer advice on which solutions best suit your needs.

Installation, running and maintenance of systems

Fire-fighting equipment


Power generator

Availability 24/7

Small-scale maintenance of buildings

Creation and maintenance of green areas

Upgrading of systems

Energy diagnosis and energy efficiency


And also

Digitalisation of building management processes

Cleaning and sanitation of rooms

Rodent control and pest control

Waste management

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