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The best form of certification? Your esteem


We at the Fervo Group know how important certifications are: here are ours!


Integrated policy on Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety

We at the Fervo Group act in compliance with internal policies on quality, environment, health and safety. All our services are created to meet the customer’s needs and expectations, in compliance with the principles of sustainability and internal economy.

Gender Equality Policies

We adopt internal policies on inclusion, gender equality and integration. We are committed to creating a work environment that is inclusive, collaborative, supportive, transparent and open to listening to all staff.

► UNI/PDR 125:2022

Gender Equality Standard.

The UNI/Pdr 125:2022 certifies that the management of all phases of a resource's life cycle within the Organization-selection, access to training and growth paths, including salary-is guided by the principle of equal opportunity, inclusion and meritocracy.

Fervo received its certification from "Quaser Certificazioni Srl".





► EMAS Regulation

Verified Environmental Management


The EMAS Regulation is an EU system for improving the environmental impact of organizations through eco-management and auditing. It promotes transparency and accountability, encouraging companies to evaluate and improve their environmental practices.

Vme, a Fervo Group company, has adopted an environmental management system that complies with the EMAS Regulation.





► UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Standard for the creation, implementation and management of a Quality Management System.

ISO 9001 is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS), published by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation).

Fervo received its certification from "Quaser Certificazioni Srl".

► UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Technical standard that establishes the requirements of environmental management systems.

ISO 14001 is to demonstrate that the certified organisation has an appropriate management system to monitor the environmental impact of its activities, and is systematically looking to improve in a consistent, effective and above all sustainable manner.

The Fervo Group received its certification from "Quaser Certificazioni Srl".

► UNI ISO 45001:2018

International standard for defining minimum standards for occupational health and safety management systems.

ISO 45001 establishes a framework for improving safety, reducing risks in the workplace and improving the health and well-being of workers, allowing for an increase in occupational health and safety.

The Fervo Group received its certification from "Quaser Certificazioni Srl".

► UNI CEI 11352

Standard that defines the requirements for Energy Service Companies.

UNI CEI 11352 certifies that the company assumes a certain financial risk, because the remuneration of its services depends entirely on the energy improvement or other predetermined performance criteria achieved.

Eco2zone, a member of the Fervo Group, received its certification from “DIMITTO Italia Srl”.

► UNI EN 16636

Standard that defines the requirements for pest control services and for the management and control of pests.

UNI EN 16636 specifies the requirements for the management and control of pests and the skills required of professional service providers in order to protect public health, the environment and property.

Reclean, a partner of the Fervo Group, received its certification from "Quaser Certificazioni Srl".

Uffici Fervo



► SOA Certification

SOA certification guarantees the company's ability to carry out public works.

Both Fsi and Vme, companies belonging to the Fervo Group, possess SOA certification for carrying out public works pursuant to Italian Presidential Decree 207/2010.

It is a mandatory certification for participation in tenders.

OG1 IV up to € 2.582.000
OG11 II up to € 516.000
OS3 III up to € 1.033.000
OS5 IV-BIS up to € 3.500.000
OS19 III-BIS up to € 1.500.000
OS28 III-BIS up to € 1.500.000
OS30 III-BIS up to € 1.500.000

OG9 VII fino a € 15.494.000
OG10 V fino a € 5.165.000
OG11 V fino a € 5.165.000
OS28 II fino a € 516.000
OS30 II fino a € 516.000

OS24 III-BIS up to € 1.500.000

► F-Gas certification

F-Gas certification attests the suitability of companies and workers to manage fluorinated gases.

This certification is mandatory for companies that manage equipment and systems, which emit harmful fluorinated gases, and serves to certify the quantity of these produced each year for notification to the Ministry of the Environment.

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