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The sector of Retail and Large-scale distribution


We take care of your branches and points of sale on a daily basis, from correct running of the systems and their energy efficiency, to customer reception services and maintenance of green areas.

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The Retail sector evolved at double the speed during the pandemic, hand in hand with the changes in consumer trends.


Consumers are increasingly demanding and constantly looking for new shopping experiences. Beyond their concern for the economic and financial situation, consumers today tend to buy more, but from a reduced number of points of sale that share their ethical and moral values.


We support our customers without causing downtime.

We support important customers operating in the sector of retail and large-scale distribution with Facility Management and Energy Management services that do not hinder operations. We identify and develop the most innovative and sustainable solutions that best meet your needs.

Installation and maintenance of systems

our highly specialised technicians carry out the work in safety and handle the administrative practices and documents of all your systems.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

we improve the performance of your stores/branches, with the aim of reducing consumption and related costs, and achieving higher standards of sustainability.

Maintenance of green areas

we perform maintenance of your green areas respecting the life cycle and seasonality of the plants, in order to increase the livability and quality of life of the people who use the areas.

Cleaning and reception

the cleanliness of a work environment and welcoming of customers are essential to guarantee the health and well-being of people who spend many hours in that environment during the day.

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In fact, according to research conducted by Edelman News and Awards in 2018, about 66% of consumers worldwide say that their relationship with a brand is influenced by the position it takes on social and political issues.

It is essential for a Retail brand to demonstrate and communicate its attention to issues of health, safety and the environment, in line with the values and expectations of the consumers themselves.

Qualità dell'aria

Garantiamo massimi livelli di qualità dell’aria grazie ad una approfondita gestione del suo ricircolo e della pulizia di canali e filtri.

Sanificazione delle superfici

Puliamo e santifichiamo costantemente le superfici abbattendo o annullando la carica batterica presente nei punti vendita con prodotti assolutamente ecosostenibili e non dannosi per la salute. E molto altro...

Monitoraggio costante

Grazie alla nostra piattaforma digitale FEAMStm, ti aiutiamo a diventare sempre più sostenibile e monitorare consumi grazie a dati in tempo reale, rendendo efficienti i servizi di tutte le tue sedi e riducendo i costi di gestione delle stesse.





We find innovative, sustainable and digital solutions based on your needs

HARD services

Installation, running and maintenance of systems

Availability 24/7

Management of system documents in compliance with current regulations

Building maintenance

Maintenance of green areas

Energy efficiency

SOFT services

Cleaning and sanitation

Rodent control and pest control

Reception and concierge

Waste management

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