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Through consultancy, design, provision and management of facility and energy management services we rethink your buildings and working environments, applying innovative digital solutions and tools.



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Facility and Energy Management

We design, deliver and coordinate all services related to real estate, including optimisation of energy consumption.

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Digital advice

Through highly specialised digital consultancy and the use of the latest technology, we show you the best ways to manage your property.

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Services 4.0

By exploiting the latest technologies applied to Facility and Energy Management, we optimise office and building management by cutting down waste and consumption, thus ensuring the optimal operation of your facilities and much more.

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Installation and Maintenance of systems

We build, operate and maintain your property's systems.

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Energy Efficiency

We improve your energy efficiency with targeted interventions that achieve medium- to long-term consumption savings and higher standards of sustainability.

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Maintenance of green areas

We provide landscape engineering, construction and maintenance of parks, public and private gardens, terraces and green spaces and secondary urbanisation works.

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General contracting

As the sole operational manager, we co-ordinate resources, services and all site-related activities until the works are released with maximum respect for costs, technical specifications and planned schedules.

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Cleaning of residential and industrial premises

The cleaning of workplaces is a necessary service to ensure the well-being and health of those who live there for many hours a day.

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► Services / by type and sector

Thanks to our many years of experience and the Group's vertical expertise, we can offer you dedicated services according to your space or area of expertise

Buildings and offices

From business centres to public administration, we have different solutions for any of your building needs. Learn more
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Logistic hubs

We can suggest and develop the best solutions to make your logistics centre more efficient and sustainable. Learn more
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Stores and shopping centres

We take care of your branches on a daily basis, from the correct functioning of their systems to their energy efficiency. Learn more
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Health offices

Our experience in the health and personal care sector enables us to offer targeted and timely advice. Learn more
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Schools and Universities

We work with educational institutions (kindergartens, schools and universities) to make them more welcoming and pleasant. Learn more
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Business centres, offices, logistics, shops and supermarkets: all types of property to which we are able to offer our services. Learn more
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Logistics and Transport

We suggest and develop the best solutions to make your logistics centre more efficient and sustainable. Learn more
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We cooperate with a number of operators in the sector, offering services tailored to their specific needs and characteristics. Learn more
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Distribution and retail

We take care of your branches and outlets on a daily basis, adapting to the evolution of this dynamic sector. Learn more
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Insurance and finance

We provide facility and energy management support for your properties and buildings. Learn more
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Realizzazione e manutenzione di impianti

I nostri tecnici sono formati per progettare e gestire sicurezza e intervento tecnico, comprese pratiche e documenti amministrativi di tutti i tuoi impianti.

Sostenibilità ed efficientamento energetico

Interveniamo in modo da migliorare le performance degli edifici, con l’obiettivo di ridurre i consumi e i relativi costi, raggiungendo standard più alti di sostenibilità.

Facility ed energy management

Progettiamo, gestiamo, eroghiamo e coordiniamo tutti i servizi relativi agli immobili: sia per gli ambienti di lavoro, che per le persone che ne utilizzano gli spazi.

► I servizi Fervo per il settore Real Estate

Ti offriamo una consulenza specializzata in base alle tue esigenze, operando per soddisfare le tue necessità, con competenza e innovazione.

Realizzazione, conduzione e manutenzione

Impianti elettrici

Impianti termomeccanici

Fonia e dati

Impianti di sicurezza

Impianti di rilevazione incendi

Presidi antincendio

Impianti di sollevamento


Gruppo elettrogeno

Reperibilità H 24

Presidi tecnici on-site

Ristrutturazioni edili

Realizzazione e manutenzione aree verdi, interne ed esterne


Riqualificazione e revamping impianti

Due diligence energetiche

Supporto tecnico e normativo

Progettazione e relayout ambienti di lavoro e impianti

Diagnosi energetica

Efficientamento energetico grazie alla gestione dei consumi da remoto

General Contracting


Rifacimento edile

Rivestimento facciate

Riallineamento terreno con perlite

Creazione di una nuova area verde


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Office Bologna
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Office Verona
Via T. A. Edison, 41
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