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08 Mar 2022 3 min read

We chose to stand by our workforce during the COVID-19 emergency

In the April 23rd edition of "Il Giorno", President A. Belloni and CEO R. Ruggiero talked about FERVO's decision to support their workers. This Italian Group specialises in facility and energy management and draws together the professional skills of four different companies: FSI, ECO2ZONE, VME and RECLEAN.

In line with the policy of Corporate Social Responsibility that has always typified the Group's corporate mission, and in view of delays at INPS in processing payments from the Wages Guarantee Fund (CIG), FERVO chose to advance the payments due in April, to limit the impact on the cash flow of its employees.



Our employees are the lifeblood of our companies. We are there to support them!

Alessandro Belloni and Rocco Ruggiero, the President and CEO of FERVO, stated the following: "We believe that if we are to confront the emergency in the best possible way, we all need to act together, with each one playing his part to the full. As a Group we have chosen to stand by our employees, who are the absolute lifeblood of our four companies. It is thanks to their contribution that FERVO has grown over the years and become a well-established business in the field of facility and energy management. Ours is a proper and valid choice."

The advance will be substantial and payable to all workers involved in the redundancy fund plan, adopted in response to the performance of the various market segments in which the companies in the FERVO Group operate. It will, therefore, apply to: 100% ofi
VME and ECO2ZONE workers, 26% of RECLEAN workers, and 95% of FSI workers and employees of the FERVO holding company, for a total of 250 collaborators including all company roles, managers, staff and operators.

Operations have never come to a complete halt for the FERVO group of companies. By taking a wide range of actions to protect the health of workers, including the introduction of smart working, it has been possible to continue our operations, which have recently focused on exploring services to support our customers, enabling them to restart business in total safety. FSI has concentrated on the sanitising of filters and air treatment systems, and the provision of automatic body temperature detection systems and plexiglass screens. RECLEAN has focused on sanitising internal settings and VME on cleansing external areas. These are just some of the post Covid-19 services the Group is developing alongside its customers, to ensure prevention, protection and safety for their workers and suppliers.

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