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04 May 2020 1 min read

PHASE 2 at FERVO goes against the prevailing trend by investing in innovation​

At a time when many companies are concentrating their energies on practical issues, such as ensuring the continuity of production and services, FERVO is taking decisions in PHASE 2 that buck the trend: by investing in innovation.

As the President of FERVO, Alessandro Belloni explained: "We have decided to confront the emergency in a positive way, using this moment as an opportunity for action. We initially focused our energies on implementing safety measures to protect our employees; we now want to take action by investing in our two main assets: human capital and innovation."



Due to a loss of work, the Group was forced to call on the Wages Guarantee Fund for some of its workers. However, in the knowledge that a delay in payments by INPS would have a financial impact on families, the Group decided to advance the sum due for April from its own financial resources.

Mr. Belloni added: "If Phase 2 goes as planned, we feel confident that we'll be able to reduce our use of CIGO to almost nothing by the end of June."

The second challenge is to double investments in research and development, creating integrated hardware and software systems to improve the process of delivering the service offered to client companies and the technologies used for the service. All this means that operators will be right at the centre of management mechanisms, able to act promptly and even remotely, promoting good relations with customers.