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Open 336
the building that breathes

credits Park Associati

Eco2Air® and Open 336

Buildings account for about 40 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. But now everything can change with Eco2Air®, the filter technology developed by us at the Fervo Group. It captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and injects clean, oxygen-rich air into the building. This takes place today in Open 336, the Net Zero Carbon building in Viale Sarca, Milan, designed by the architectural firm Park Associati.

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Barings Real Estate and Savills Investment Management Sgr's office building Open 336 has been designed and built with an approach aimed at minimising environmental impact from its design and construction to its life cycle and maintenance.


Open 336, a building named after the house number where it is located on Viale Sarca, in Milan's Bicocca district, launches a bridge to the future starting with one of the most pressing issues today.
It can be defined a Net Carbon Zero building, capable of reducing emissions by 100 percent throughout its “life cycle”.
Inspired by the principles of responsible, liveable architecture designed for people, the building consists of five above-ground floors and two basements, used for parking. The façade summarises and reinterprets the morphological elements of the surrounding buildings, where the red colour of brick and the dark hues of iron are strongly present. The choice of GRC lightened concrete used as a façade material precisely responds to the intention to reinterpret the area’s material history in a contemporary key.
The ground floor lobby is a large, bright space surrounded by vegetation, while the office area extends from the first to the fourth floor.


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Buildings, whether existing or newly constructed, are responsible for most of the CO2 emissions generated in the world. Reducing these emissions will make it easier to achieve the decarbonisation goals dictated by the UN 2030 Agenda.
Usually a lot of attention is paid to the carbon footprint level in the construction phase of the building, but no thought is given to the future. Today, reducing the environmental impact and consumption of the building throughout its life cycle has become a key objective. This need is met with Eco2Air® technology.
The filter made of biological and biodegradable material designed by Fervo and provided with DAC Performance Certification by University of Milan Bicocca has decarbonisation capacity for only 10 kg of product, which is 10-15-fold higher than that of magnolia or pine trees. In 20 years, it can absorb over 24,000 kg of CO2.


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How Eco2Air® works

Installed in the Open 336 AHU, Eco2Air® technology filters the absorbed air and injects it into the indoor environment, extracting and retaining the CO2 in the atmosphere thanks to a biological and biodegradable material. 

The retained CO2 is not released back into the atmosphere but is, instead, reused for subsequent processes, such as vertical farming or the gasification of beverages, with a circular economy approach.

Once saturated, after use for about 600 hours, the filter can be emptied of accumulated CO2, regenerated and safely reused for up to seven years. But there is more. The air treatment system is connected to a platform called FEAMS®, which, through multiple sensors, reads all consumption and operating parameters in real time, signalling not only any anomalies, but even predicting the necessary interventions before faults occur, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms.

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A filter module with sustainable technology

A filter module with sustainable technology

Eco2Air® filters are made of strictly organic and biodegradable material (such as coffee grounds) that can also be regenerated.

The raw material used can, therefore, be recycled, consistently with the principles of circular economy and sustainability. The filter module has a minimum service life of 600 hours. Once saturated, it can be emptied of accumulated CO2, regenerated and safely reused for up to seven years.

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CO2 recovery

CO2 recovery

The carbon dioxide that is collected by the Eco2Air® filters is not released into the environment as this would recreate pollution. Instead, it is recovered and used in various sectors, thus becoming a new resource.

The most common uses include the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture (i.e., as a fertiliser), polymer production, construction works for certain building materials, and fuel production


We at the Fervo Group are at the forefront in helping to reduce our customers' environmental impact by optimising consumption.


When an environment is designed and built according to sustainability criteria, people experience it with a higher level of well-being.


Air quality management is one of the aspects included in the sustainability reports of companies that want to communicate the results achieved in terms of social impact.

Building sustainability certifications consider air quality management as one of the most important metrics to be taken into account.
To receive advice and learn more about your company's energy performance, contact one of our experts.  


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credits Park Associati


The Feams® platform

The Eco2Air® air filtration system does more than just purify the air inside and outside the building, and collect CO2 so it can be reused for other purposes. Indeed, all the elements that make up the air treatment plant are connected to the platform, set up by Fervo and called FEAMS® (an acronym for “Facility & Energy Asset Management System”). This platform uses special sensors to verify the building's state of health in real time, also in terms of energy consumption and of environmental sustainability.
FEAMS®, an integrated asset management and optimisation platform, reads all system and environment parameters at all times, signalling any anomalies, and even predicting plant maintenance interventions by using artificial intelligence algorithms.

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With Fervo you can check the health of your building in real time, both in terms of energy consumption and of environmental sustainability.

Would you like to know the potential of the Eco2Air® filter for your company? Contact our experts!

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