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Fervo Eco Air Tower

Zero Impact starts here

Facility and Energy Management Partner. We help you to reduce CO2 emissions, optimise energy consumption and extend the life cycle of your systems with the comprehensive management of your property.

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The Fervo Group

We can enhance the value of your property with advice on the digitalisation of processes; advice and training on matters of quality, safety and the environment; and by planning Facility and Energy Management services with innovative digital tools.


We set up and service your systems

eco2zone We develop innovative energy efficiency solutions

We manage your green areas

reclean We care for your premises and your people
Uffici Fervo



52+ million € turnover in 2021 (including Reclean)
700+ direct employees
(including Reclean)
4 locations in Italy
2+ million square metres under management
► Work environments

Make your property and workplaces sustainable in line with the ESG criteria with innovative digital solutions and tools.


Buildings and offices

We improve the quality of services and environments of all office blocks



We take care of the premises, people and systems of partners operating in all industrial sectors



We can make a difference for your stores, healthcare facilities, training institutes and more

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Can a plant eliminate over 70% of the pollutants in your room?

Can a plant eliminate over 70% of the pollutants in your room?

The Ecobreath line of indoor plants by Eco2Zone eliminates airborne pollutants in closed environments (such as formaldehyde found in paper materials or wooden furnishings). It also protects against computational electromagnetics (CEM) generated by electronic devices.

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How can you reduce your consumption and energy costs up to 20%?

How can you reduce your consumption and energy costs up to 20%?

It’s easy! By analysing your current consumption and designing a proper lighting system with light sources of optimal quantity and power rating (wattage), we can guarantee energy savings while also improving the brightness of your rooms.

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► Case studies

Our values at your service: the projects of the Fervo Group

Our latest project

“The EcoAir Tower uses high efficiency filters for fine particles and ionising bars to draw in air from the top and emit it filtered of pollutants, in particular PM10 and PM2.5.”


Mr Alessandro Belloni, Engineer President of Eco2Zone and CEO of the Fervo Group




► Fervo Academy

Offer your collaborators contents to acquire, hone and build on their skills with our knowledge management platform

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Legal and operational headquarters
Via Assunta, 61 – Building D
(angolo Via La Malfa)
20834 – Nova Milanese (MB)

Tel. +39 0362 080002
Fax +39 0362 459641

Office Roma
Via Adriano Olivetti 24
00131 – Roma

Tel. +39 06 45551300
Fax +39 06 45776330

Office Bologna
Via dei Lapidari, 13
40129 – Bologna (BO)

Tel. +39 051 6651890
Fax +39 051 6655091

Office Verona
Via T. A. Edison, 41
37135 – Verona (VR)