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Services 4.0


By exploiting the latest technologies applied to Facility and Energy Management, we optimise office and building management by cutting down waste and consumption, thus ensuring the optimal operation of your facilities and much more.

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The 4.0 services for your building are designed and delivered according to the building’s purpose of use.


Offices, logistic hubs, shops, healthcare facilities and educational institutions have different characteristics and requirements.

However, all property types require basic care to control the efficiency of their systems, optimising consumption and operation costs, and protecting the health and well-being of the people who live and work in them.


Digitisation of your asset management

The use of 4.0 technology - IoT sensors, actuators, Edge analytics, AI and Cloud - with operational technologies - HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning), fire protection systems and video surveillance - supports our Facility and Energy Management services to monitor your assets in real time.

This is achieved with FEAMS®, our patented digital platform designed to optimise and rationalise the actions of our staff and the energy consumption of your building. We adopt actions and smart solutions based on practical data, which is automatically provided by the systems themselves, and visible on customised dashboards.

One click is all it takes to view the health of your property and take action on the management of services and consumption (air quality and CO2 production, energy consumption, plant maintenance, etc.) to preserve the well-being of users.

We act punctually and precisely to reduce the margin of error, preventing failures by intervening promptly before they occur. We can thus avoid plant downtimes and reduce damage-related costs.


Your needs for efficient management come first.

Fervo's 4.0 Services bring numerous advantages to your asset management.


Energy efficiency

Remote monitoring and management of electricity and energy consumption to reduce waste and costs, enhancing your building’s sustainability


Longer asset lifecycle

Constant remote control of engineering systems, reducing corrective maintenance and failure rates, resulting in less downtime and inconvenience for users


Transparency and data

You can access and consult the dashboards for monitoring the health of your installations and making forecasts independently at any time




Qualità dell'aria

Garantiamo massimi livelli di qualità dell’aria grazie ad una approfondita gestione del suo ricircolo e della pulizia di canali e filtri.

Sanificazione delle superfici

Puliamo e santifichiamo costantemente le superfici abbattendo o annullando la carica batterica presente nei punti vendita con prodotti assolutamente ecosostenibili e non dannosi per la salute. E molto altro...

Monitoraggio costante

Grazie alla nostra piattaforma digitale FEAMStm, ti aiutiamo a diventare sempre più sostenibile e monitorare consumi grazie a dati in tempo reale, rendendo efficienti i servizi di tutte le tue sedi e riducendo i costi di gestione delle stesse.


Digitisation of facility and energy management services

Digitisation of facility and energy management services using the latest technologies (IOT sensors, AI, etc.) is particularly useful for improving efficient management of large industrial and tertiary complexes, and to significantly reduce the rate of equipment failure.

Hence, facility management with the FEAMS® platform reaches beyond simple scheduled and corrective maintenance, managing the building and its facilities in more intelligent and efficient ways with a view to predictive maintenance.

FSI's Operations Centre is able to diagnose problems remotely, effectively guiding maintenance workers on site via mobile devices to restore asset performance and efficiency.

We act punctually and precisely to reduce the margin of error, preventing failures by intervening promptly before they occur. 

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