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EcoSmart City


We develop solutions aimed at optimising and innovating public services with a view to connect city infrastructures with human, intellectual and social capital through the use of innovative technologies.

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The 6 dimensions of the Smart City for the European Union

smart-environment Smart Environment

Energy efficiency, low environmental impact, Green & Smart Building and circular economy.

smart-mobility Smart Mobility

Electric Mobility, Sharing Mobility and Mobility Management Sytstem.

smart-living Smart Living

Comfort, safety and well-being.

smart-economy Smart Economy

Technological innovation, employment and productivity.

smart-people Smart People

Participatory and inclusive society, sharing and bottom-up approach.

smart-governance Smart Governance

Relations, eGov, Open Data and cooperation.





The use of digital technologies in urban contexts can improve the quality of life.


Eco2zone's EcoSmart City project is dedicated to Public Administrations for the development of Smart Italian Municipalities, supported by European and regional funds.

We specialise in defining which “smart” implementations best suit the specific needs of individual Public Administrations, and propose concrete solutions for the redevelopment and improvement of the municipality itself.

citta-inclusive-partecipative More inclusive and participative cities

Direct dialogue with its citizens, diminishing distances and increasing the level of trust and involvement.

infrastrutture-servizi-ottimizzati Infrastructures and optimised services

Value-added services to ensure a better public transport service and better infrastructures.

riduzione-costi Cost reduction with greater efficiency and sustainability

A significant return on investment, calculated over a few years by collecting, analysing and processing big data at an urban level.


IoT (Internet of Things) in the Smart City: the value of data and its management

The future of smart cities is the Internet of Things, “smart objects” (not just computers and smartphones) that surround us in cities and in our everyday lives. The IoT was born from the idea of transferring the objects of our daily experience into the digital world.

For the Public Administration, it becomes essential to use a dedicated platform that collects and processes data/signals from sensors and smart objects, to control, monitor and optimise service management.

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