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Eco2zone's line of indoor plants cares for your environment, oxygenating and purifying the air from pollutants (formaldehyde, benzene, etc.) and screening electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the room.




Improve your indoor air quality with EcoBreath


The EcoBreath plant line combats indoor pollution, reducing potential health problems.


Indoor pollution is not as well known and obvious an issue as that of outdoor environments.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by electronic devices (Wi-Fi, printers, computers, etc.), household cleaning products, cigarette smoke and other agents contribute to indoor pollution, and also play an important role in the release of volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. All these substances may cause minor physical discomfort in more sensitive people, such as headaches, irritation of the respiratory tract, allergies or nausea.

Hazardous substances

Eco2zone's EcoBreath indoor plant line combines effective functional features and aesthetics. It is a valid solution to the absorption of indoor pollution, with special focus on the following hazardous substances:

Formaldeide Formaldehyde

An organic, gaseous compound that is used in many building materials (glues, paints, textiles, wood panels, furniture). May cause irritation of the nostrils, mouth and throat.

Benzene Benzene

The main source is cigarette smoke, but it can also be found in plastics, synthetic fibres and synthetic lubricants. Causes drowsiness and headaches.

Xilene Xilene

A benzene derivative found mainly in rubber, paper, treated leather products, industrial paints and tobacco. It causes headaches and also potential liver and kidney problems.

Tricloroetilene Trichloroethylene

Present in inks, paints and adhesives, it can cause headaches, nausea and vomiting.


A range of 12 types of indoor plants that can be combined to enhance your environment

Cultivated in hydroponics* and enriched with a special Eco2zone substrate, the plant species in EcoBreath (e.g., Dracaena, Anthurium, Sansevieria, etc.) have been identified by NASA studies as the most efficient at absorbing various pollutants.

Depending on the brightness of the room, the number of people using it, and the presence of EMF sources, our experts will work with you to determine the best plant composition and the most suitable and efficient arrangement of individual plants to make the most of their beneficial effects.

* Hydroponics is a plant cultivation system that replaces soil with an inert substrate (usually expanded clay).

The beneficial effects of EcoBreath

Assorbimento di agenti inquinanti Absorption of pollutants

The plant Angloema achieves a 45% reduction in benzene in 24 hours in a closed room, while Dracaena offers a 70% reduction in formaldehyde.

Ossigenazione degli ambienti Oxygenation of rooms

EcoBreath plants increase oxygen levels in air, reduce CO2 and absorb other pollutants.

Schermatura dai campi elettromagnetici Shielding from electromagnetic fields

Some of the EcoBreath plants offer protection against electromagnetic waves from devices, such as PC screens, printers, etc.

Riduzione dello stress Stress reduction

EcoBreath plants produce a lot of oxygen, which helps to reduce stress and improve relaxation and well-being. Some plants, such as Sansevieria, release oxygen at night.

Manutenzione ridotta Low maintenance costs

Hydroponics replaces soil with an inert substrate, often clay, which requires little maintenance and promotes greater plant resistance.

Piacevolezza dell'ambiente A pleasant room

The EcoBreath plant range offers a wide assortment of designer pots, available in different shapes and sizes, which blend in with the décor of the room in which they are placed. 


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Garantiamo massimi livelli di qualità dell’aria grazie ad una approfondita gestione del suo ricircolo e della pulizia di canali e filtri.

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