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01 Apr 2022 1 min read

Fsi and its partner Reclean in the Top500+ classification of 2020

December 2021. The weekly magazine "Il Cittadino Monza Brianza" published Top500+, the annual ranking of the leading 800 companies in the province of Monza Brianza in terms of turnover. The chart was produced in collaboration with Assolombarda, PwC Italy and Banco BPM.

Having reached its eighth edition, the study confirmed that the economic fabric of the Monza Brianza province continues to be competitive and responsive, despite the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies with a turnover ranging from a minimum of EUR 8 million to a maximum of EUR 4.5 billion appear in the ranking.

The list includes two companies from our Fervo Group!

Fsi srl ranks 334th. A Fervo Group member company, it specialises in the construction and maintenance of systems (electrical systems, thermo-mechanical systems, special systems, fire-fighting and lifting systems), and recorded a turnover of € 21,447.984 in 2020. We have gained several positions in the ranking, compared to previous years.

Reclean, a Fervo Group partner company specialising in cleaning and reception services, also came in at No. 675 with a turnover of € 9,677.063 in 2020.



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