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22 May 2023 2 min read

Omnireal, the digital identify of the Fervo Group is born

The Fervo Group, a company created in 2009 and specializing in facility and energy management, rounds out its services with the creation of Omnireal S.r.l., the new company for high-tech digital solutions.

With the goal of supporting customers in efficient, innovative, and sustainable management of processes and immovable assets, Omnireal designs and develops digital products and solutions through a combination of constant research and development and extensive experience gained in the real-estate sector by part of its team of professionals, guided by COO Andrea Roero.

Supported by consultation, assistance, and training, apps and digital cloud platforms (including FEAMS® – Facility and Energy Asset Management System, software patented by the Fervo Group), AI and IoT, the metaverse, and improvements in software and/or hardware systems are just some of the technologies offered by this new company. Sustainability and digitalization, already key elements in the Fervo Group, are the main values underlying the new company’s operations. Its mission is to support customers in reducing consumption, CO2 emissions, and energy costs.

"We are happy to expand the services of the Fervo Group with Omnireal. This new company represents an important strategic lever in our growth, which fully meets the needs expressed by the market for a digital and sustainable transition," says Alessandro Belloni, Chairman of the Fervo Group.

"Through this operation, we create new value with services and products based on innovative technology for smart real-estate management," concludes Rocco Ruggiero, Chairman of Omnireal and co-founder of the Fervo Group.

With the new Omnireal and the expertise of all companies in the Fervo Group that work closely with it, advanced technologies are ready to play an increasingly decisive role in projects for facility and energy management in increasingly smart, data-centred real estate.


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