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10 Feb 2023 2 min read

Fervo wins the CIO+ ITALY AWARD 2022

On Wednesday, 21 December 2022, Andrea Roero, CIO of the Fervo Group, received the CIO+ ITALIA AWARD 2022 for the FEAMS® and ECO2AIR® projects for digitisation and decarbonisation of real estate assets.

The award was established by CIONET Italia, the world's largest business community of CIOs and IT Digital Leaders. Now in its eleventh edition, the CIO+ ITALY AWARD 2022 celebrates the most innovative ideas and projects in the following categories:

  • CIO+ Global Excellence
  • CIO+ Empowerment Officer
  • CIO+ Disruption Officer
  • CIO+ in the Digital PA
  • CIO+ in the Green Economy - Special Award Alfredo Gatti

At the awards evening organised at the Glass House in Villa Necchi Campiglio, Andrea Roero, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer of the Fervo Group, accepted the CIO+ ITALIA AWARD 2022 in the CIO+ Disruption Officer category. 

"I am proud to accept this award, which is the result of great teamwork and collaboration. I would like to thank the Partners (Mipu, Synthesis), part of the Made in Italy excellence ecosystem, and colleagues at the FERVO Group who helped develop and implement the Eco2air® technology, towards carbon neutrality of real estate assets, and FEAMS®, the platform for smart management of real estate assets." Roero goes on to say,  

“The sustainable future of Real Estate starts today with substantial investments in Research & Development and valuable partnerships. Artificial Intelligence, IoT and state-of-the-art technologies combine with the expertise of our technicians and engineers to create a truly sustainable digital revolution in building management. More attention is usually paid to decarbonisation in the construction phase of the building, and not throughout its entire life cycle. FEAMS® and Eco2Air® technologies, on the other hand, allow for a 100% reduction in emissions and consumption during all phases of the building, thus creating a genuine Net Carbon Zero Building." The CIO of FERVO closed with this statement.