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10 Feb 2023 5 min

Facility Management: all the advantages of a single provider

Companies increasingly entrust the management of real estate and ancillary services to a single provider, rather than turning to several different partners. In fact, global data forecasts the steady growth of Integrated Facility Management of 4.2% CAGR until 2031.


Let’s start at the beginning. What is Integrated Facility Management?

Integrated Facility Management consists of the integrated management of the company's real estate and non-core business services, i.e., services closely related to the life cycle of buildings and the well-being of those living in the spaces, such as:

  • plant construction and maintenance
  • compliance with work safety regulations
  • cleaning
  • reception
  • design of spaces and facilities
  • creation and maintenance of green areas
  • production and management of energy from renewable sources 

Until recently, most companies turned to single external suppliers, applying what is known as Outsourcing Facility Management. However, we are not talking about small numbers: larger companies can require several hundred suppliers.

From this standpoint, an evident change is taking place today. Indeed, an increasing number of manufacturing companies, particularly those that show a high degree of attention to new opportunities and requirements, have decided or are deciding to outsource all Facility Management services to a single supplier.

What are the advantages of choosing a single provider to manage the facilities and services typical of Integrated Facility Management? Let’s see below.

Integrated Facility Management contributes to smoother and more effective management

Integrated consultancy allows the company to have a single point of contact to turn to both for day-to-day business and in case of need, emergency or difficulty. In addition, this approach has another very significant advantage. It avoids the need for numerous contracts to be concluded with the many suppliers required to manage the different and varied “structural” areas of the company. This translates into a more frank and streamlined relationship, simpler performance monitoring and the possibility of planning interventions based on an overall shared vision.

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Integrated Facility Management ensures better service quality

The fact that services can be managed in an integrated manner allows the single provider to be aware of all the characteristics of the company, and to adapt its business depending on the needs of a single service, and also in consideration of adjacent ones. The company's managers can fully focus on the core business, knowing that they have external help for all Facility Management activities that is fully integrated within the corporate structure.


With Integrated Facility Management, the company has the best technological solutions at its disposal

The provider who offers integrated property and service management has the organisation to deploy the best knowledge and technology available on the market. New technologies, in particular the use of specific management software, make it possible to have the situation constantly under control as they have a significant and positive impact on the management of work teams and on decision-making processes aimed at achieving a “smart” type of work.

At Fervo, we provide our best consultants and the latest technology to implement an integrated Facility Management system in your company.

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Integrated Facility Management saves the company both time and money

As already mentioned, the possibility of interfacing with a single supplier allows company managers to plan activities without having to meet dozens of consultants to transfer to each one the values and philosophy of the business area in which they have to operate. This far-reaching simplification not only provides a better overview and more effective team management, but also significantly reduces time and costs. Many companies are already aware of this.
In fact, international research data confirms that worldwide, from 2016 to 2021, the demand for Integrated Facility Management services increased steadily by 2.4% CAGR (compound annual growth rate).
This figure and the estimated growth forecast of 4.2% CAGR up to 2031 make it clear that Integrated Facility Management is the ideal solution to cope also with the major ongoing transitions in sustainability and digitisation.

We at Fervo have been pursuing this process of integrating the services offered to our customers for years. Contact us for more details.

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* Data source: Persistence Market Research