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08 Mar 2022 3 min read

EcoAir Tower at Milan Design Week 2021

Technology, design and nature are combined in a dynamic laboratory of ideas to seek the most innovative, harmonious and sustainable solution that can generate value and well-being for the natural environment and urban dwellers.

EcoAir Tower at Milan Design Week 2021
In this context of symbiosis and cohesion, the way of breathing in the smart city has been revolutionised with EcoAir Tower, the air purification tower more than 4 meters high and measuring 2 metres at the base, designed by Pininfarina Architecture.

Eco2zone, a company of the FERVO Group, presented EcoAir Tower as part of the “Urban Lounge” installation during the RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC event, held at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan from 4 to 12 September 2021.

The EcoAirTower makes the urban area climate-responsive: with a flow rate of treated air of about 15,000 m3 per hour (over 130 million m3 per year), the tower designed by Eco2zone reduces the average level of inhaled fine dust by 95%, from about 2.25g/h to 0.25g/h. In addition to being purified, the air also undergoes an ionisation process that "revitalises" it, creating a microclimate around the tower where environmental parameters, such as temperature, relative humidity and wind speed, are restored to optimal levels, benefitting people and their wellbeing.

The Eco2zone Innovation Lab fully supports the principles of circular economy and sustainability, connecting EcoAir Tower to a remote control system with which to always guarantee the optimal management of variables and maximum performance in the generation of an ideal microclimate. “The EcoAir Tower can be used in metropolitan cities to recreate an optimal microclimate not only inside but also in its immediate surroundings within a span of 10 metres.

"The tower uses high efficiency filters for fine particles and ionising bars to draw in air from the top and emit it filtered of pollutants, in particular Pm10 and Pm2.5," said Mr Alessandro Belloni, President of Eco2Zone and CEO of the FERVO Group. “EcoAir Tower is able to collect and retain the graphite found in fine dust in the air, so that it can be made into new objects such as tennis rackets and pencils. Around 30 tennis rackets and over 2,000 pencils can potentially be made a year using this method."

The mission of the international project RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC in terms of collective awareness on the reuse and recycling of materials, is also perfectly represented in the “skin” of the EcoAir Tower.

The external surface and its supporting structure, designed by Pininfarina Architecture, were in fact made of recycled plastic with an innovative digital 3D printing technique. The level of well-being and comfort generated by the EcoAir Tower are further increased in the “Urban Lounge” with a water atomiser that maintains the optimal level of humidity, also favouring the growth of plants in the surrounding external environment.