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Facility and Energy Management


Facility Management designs, delivers and coordinates all services related to real estate, both for working environments and for the people using such spaces. Energy Management encompasses all measures to manage, assess and optimise a building's energy consumption in order to reduce its ownership costs and environmental impact.

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Why trust the Fervo Group for Facility and Energy Management?

We are a Group of Italian companies with long-standing experience and professionalism. Hence, we offer you integrated services to enhance the potential of your building's assets, improving the experience of those who use it.

Proper design, implementation and management of your processes and services enhances efficiency and sustainability, allowing you to optimise consumption and costs. Together we identify the best way to manage your energy sources and consumption, including by raising the awareness of people living in such spaces.

By entrusting your services to us at Fervo Group, you will have a single strategic partner at your side who will understand your expectations and needs with a global approach. You no longer have to worry about operational and administrative issues related to the assets of your property. We will help you rethink the way you use your spaces.

Therefore, you can focus on your core business, and leave the management and implementation of the most effective solutions for your property to us. We pride ourselves on having more than ten years of experience, and making use of innovative digital technologies.

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By converging the expertise of Fervo, Fsi, Eco2zone, Vme and our partner Reclean, we offer services to enhance the potential of your indoor and outdoor areas, which will improve the standard of well-being of the people who live in them.

HARD Services

Construction, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical, hydraulic, thermo-mechanical, fire-fighting, lifting and special systems. We also specialise in General Contracting, building works and secondary urbanisation (such as cycle paths, roundabouts, car parks, fountains, etc.) as well as the maintenance of outdoor and indoor green areas.

SOFT Services

Cleaning, sanitation, reception, concierge and post office with our chosen partner Reclean.


Energy Management encompasses all measures to manage, assess and optimise a building's energy consumption in order to reduce its ownership costs and environmental impact.

In order to offer an all-round integrated service, we also take care of Energy Management through Eco2zone, the Group's E.S.Co. We handle all activities and interventions required to ensure the energy efficiency of your property, making informed choices together based on environmental sustainability and the reduction of both consumption and costs.

► Re-thinking

We reinvent your property and workplaces by applying sustainable solutions and innovative digital tools.

Energy diagnosis

We collect data and analyse them to form a picture of the property's current energy status, and then identify areas for improvement in order to save energy.

Energy efficiency measures

We design and implement, with a turnkey package, all improvements identified during the diagnostic phase on the building envelope-engineering system, in compliance with specific regulations and in consideration of the possible benefits of state incentives.

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Energy Management

we support you to achieve continuous improvement of your building's energy performance by using the FEAMS® digital platform for constant measurement of your energy consumption and to calculate the ROI of potential investments.

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