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Digital advice


We at Fervo offer digital advice and use state-of-the-art technologies to show you the best ways to manage your buildings (offices, warehouses, etc.) and the related Facility and Energy Management services. We reduce the energy consumption of the building and the related costs of ownership of the assets through FEAMS®, our digital platform.

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Digital transformation is increasingly crucial to the success of any business.

We assist our customers in the process of applying innovative and efficient solutions for the management and improvement of property. By choosing Fervo for your digital advice, you will have a strategic partner always ready to support you. We'll take care of everything! With the omnichannel platform, real-time data becomes the key element for correct analysis of costs and results, the simplification of processes and the creation of a clear picture of the performance of your environment.





Fervo’s digital advice services

Due Diligence

We analyse the processes of the Facility Management Department, identifying critical issues and opportunities for improvement.


We analyse, check and help you in updating the compliance of the certifications and regulations in force.

Organisation Organisation

We support you in the design and implementation of Facility and Energy Management services for your core business, ensuring proper cost and quality management.

Performance measurement Performance measurement

We identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for constant and timely evaluation of your consumption and costs.

Software scouting Software scouting

We select the IT solution that best suits your needs in terms of Facility and Energy Management.

Sustainability Sustainability

We offer digital advice on how you can optimise the processes and energy consumption of your company, improving the sustainability indexes of your work by reducing your costs and environmental impact!


Complete dashboards to measure the efficiency, compliance and management of your assets in real time.


Our FEAMS® digital platform is able to integrate the latest technologies with your service experience.

"We go beyond the classic Facility and Energy Management activities: we are the perfect strategic partner for companies that need to optimise their infrastructures and make them more efficient."



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