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A green roof that reduces CO2

In recent years, the issue of environmental sustainability has been a crucial one for people and companies. Considerable research has, therefore, been carried out into green building and sustainable architecture, also considering the liveability of unused spaces, such as roofs, and the creation of green spaces in urban contexts.

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From the request for a roof renovation to the redesign of unused spaces with a focus on sustainability.


In 2019, we carried out a green roof project for the Milan office of one of our customers in the biomedical sector. We upgraded the 500 m2 roof, recovering the area that was previously unused. There were several benefits to making this a green roof.

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Reduced costs and environmental impact

Reduced costs and environmental impact

The environmental impact of the building was reduced by bringing down energy consumption at the customer's premises.

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Fervo and sustainability

Fervo and sustainability

Environmental sustainability has always been one of the hallmarks of our Group. Thanks to the specialisation of our operating companies, Vme and Eco2zone, and the real-time analysis of consumption data provided by the FEAMS digital platform, we could monitor and optimise the level of efficiency of the building, reducing its emissions.

► goal: innovation and technology

We of Fervo Group always look for the most innovative solutions to reduce, as much as possible, the customer’s environmental impact.


This type of intervention brings advantages for both the building and the environment: microclimate mitigation, energy saving, reduction of air and sound pollution, as well as promoting biodiversity and potential social and economic benefits.




20.250 kg CO2/year saved
500 square metres of treated area
10% increase in durability of the structure

Our intervention

Together with Eco2zone (EsCo) and Vme, we design and manufacture ecological and sustainable solutions based on constant research and development.

The green roof for our customer was a challenging and complex project that would involve several stages.

The detailed technical design following the preliminary study was key to the success of the work. Of the various solutions available, the green roof is among the most popular. This consists of covering the vertical and horizontal sections of the roof with a layer of soil.

The roof can then be covered with plants or grass. We first laid a layer of heat insulation, then root-resistant sheeting and filter sheets, and lastly the non-woven fabric with soil suitable for green roofs. When this was done, we created walkways.

The advantages of the green roof

This operation brought the customer numerous economic advantages (an estimated energy saving of about 10% on average; an increase in the lifespan of the structure thanks to the additional layer of insulation; improved thermal performance of the roof, etc.) but also resulted in a new communal place for the company's collaborators.

As evidence of the real benefits of construction of the green roof in collaboration with Rete Clima, a non-profit organisation that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability actions in the private sector and public procurement, we obtained a certificate stating the reduction of CO2 emitted by the building (- 20,250 kg CO2/year).

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► We aim for change

We design and redevelop green areas for a more conscious and sustainable reuse of spaces.

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