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A garden to remember

We designed and created a garden for Alzheimer's patients in a nursing home. It was meant not only as a green space where people can relax, but also as a real means of enhancing the results of drug therapies.

Fervo’s business line


► The request

The need was to create a green space that could stimulate the residual capacities and remote memory of patients.

Our customer has been operating for over twenty years in the field of healthcare for fragile people in need of post-acute care and rehabilitation. The customer asked us at the Fervo Group to redevelop the green areas of 16 nursing homes, also requesting the design and creation of a garden for Alzheimer's patients.

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The result

The result

A garden for Alzheimer's patients also with central islands for the care and picking of small fruits which can be put in raised containers. Complete accessibility is the keyword here.

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Remembering through the senses

Remembering through the senses

Vegetation in the garden can act as a sound barrier and be used to form an olfactory pathway of tall, dense aromatic and evergreen plants with soft colours and delicate scents.

► The goal: innovation and technology

A sensory experience and the benefits of nature to treat pathologies in an innovative way.


Research and experimentation of innovative treatment for Alzheimer's patients. All the experience of the Fervo Group in garden design, combined with the many benefits of contact with nature. Nature can cure: we draw on the past for the healthcare of the future.

Maximum visual and spatial connectivity

15000 metri cubi di aria purificata all’ora
95% riduzione di polveri sottili nell’aria
2000 matite prodotte dal carbonio raccolto in un anno
30 racchette da tennis prodotte dal carbonio raccolto in un anno

with the support of a prestigious design and planning studio, we at the Fervo Group used the Vme business line to create the garden for a nursing home.

We carried out in-depth study and analysis of the research into treatments for this disease, to find out about all the key aspects of the therapy. Emotions and accessibility are the keywords!

By making patients relate to their surroundings, creating easier access and eliminating architectural barriers, it was possible to design a garden that would allow maximum visual and spatial connectivity.

A sensory journey can help patients recall sensations and memories that seemed lost.

The structure

A layout in the form of the figure “8” is essential. This particular pattern has been found to encourage patients to move and follow a variety of paths in different directions. The effectiveness of this is increased if there are rest areas and sensory activities along the way, such as an aromatic garden.

The consistency of the ground varies according to the path and rest areas, to fully stimulate all the patient's senses while guaranteeing the utmost safety.




"Designing such a garden not only means creating something beautiful, but also something useful, a safe haven for people in need of stability that can guarantee peace and harmony and allow one to reflect fondly on the past, which can be reassuring for those who only have a few precious memories".


Ulderico Monetti

Director & COO Landscape Line

► We aim for change

The use of greenery and stimulation of the senses bring great benefits: is this the future of therapies?

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